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Innovative, Trustworthy, and Secure products and Services

AWAL is official reseller of HUAWEI CLOUD in Libya. It allows customer to use HUAWEI CLOUD services to meet specific requirement of clients from different industries.

Leverage Huawei’s over 30 years of technical expertise to protect your applications and data

Full-stack Solutions for Any Industry

Best-in-class solutions engineered by professional architects to expedite your cloud transformation.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine on-premises private cloud with public cloud for full compliance, greater agility, and lower latency

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Obtain first class disaster recovery and cross-cloud backup without huge capital and operational investments

Business Application

Ensure maximum performance, resilience, and security for your mission critical applications with lower costs

Web & Mobile

Build scalable and resilient websites and use big-data insights to drive sales


Build and host your e-commerce websites on our highly scalable and available cloud infrastructure


Get the agility of cloud while maintaining your FSI safe, stable, and secure

Smart Retail

Provide a smarter, more personalized experience and take multichannel sales to the next level


Enable cloud garners to enjoy a flawless, lag-free gaming experience without downloading apps or updating their devices

Fully Connected, High-speed, Stable Infrastructure

HUAWEI CLOUD Global Infrastructure

HUAWEI CLOUD spans many availability zones within geographic regions around the world, providing fully connected, high-speed, and stable networks and services closest to your location.

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